My First Morning At Canopy Lodge

Good morning!  I have some internets while down in Central America!  I'm currently staying in Canopy Lodge, owned by the same man who owns Canopy Tower--I have died and gone to birder heaven.  This man has completely designed this place with birders and digiscopers (or photographers for that matter) in mind. Since I left Minnesota when it was 4 degrees Fahrenheit, my body had a fitful night adjusting to the all humidity all the time but now, I think the sweat has finally slowed to a trickle. Today, I am ambling about getting acquainted with the local birds.  Here are some of my breakfast companions:

Isn't that a dyNOmite lookin' bird??  For the non birders of this blog, this is not some crazy ass brown-headed cowbird, this is a chestnut-headed oropendola--yeah, I can't pronounce it either.

And for those who always thought the scarlet tanager was the bees knees, check out the tanagers coming to the banana feeder:

Here we have a crimson-backed tanager and a yellow-rumped tanager sharing some banana!

This place is fantastic--everything is open air.  My room has screens so at night I'm serenaded by frogs, insects and a whole host of creatures I can't begin to identify.  Of course, I try to figure them out which leads to a hard time getting to sleep.  I think I'm going to love having this as my office for the next week or so.