The Bot Fly Video

I posted this originally on my Facebook page because I thought it was way too gross to put on the blog. But word of it spread at last night's Birds and Beers and people want to see it.

WARNING--THIS IS A TOTALLY GROSS VIDEO! DO NOT EAT ANYTHING WHILE WATCHING IT! Don't watch it if you are remotely squeamish about gross and nasty parasitic bugs.

But if you are like me and interested in all things natural history and creatures that are willing to knock us down a peg or two on the food chain (or at the very least, use me as the piece of meat that I am) then you will love this video.

Dear blog reader Roy H. sent me this as a warning to be careful while in Panama. Heck, how did I not get one of these in Guatemala last year? It's a video of a woman who has a bot fly larvae in her scalp showing you how they got it out. It also has a lot of great info about bot flies but chances are good that you will be squealing so loud while you watch it that you won't hear it.

Hasty Brook was at Birds and Beers and she's encountered these in her work as a nurse. She warned me not to scratch any mosquito bites. She spent a good portion of the evening reminding me, "Don't scratch!"

So. Here it is. You have been warned. It's GROSS!

Here is the link to The Bot Fly Removal Video.

And here is a photo of a cleansing Trumpeter Swan photo that I took Sunday afternoon:

1 trumpeter swan.jpg