Ah, Spring, you did just what I thought you would do.  You pushed it all the way to the edge with your warmth, even giving me 60 degree days. Yesterday, I biked to a meeting and got a slight tan for my folly of a lack of sunscreen.  Each day on the bike trail gave a new migrant.  Monday it was just juncos practicing their territory song.  Tuesday a few groggy red-winged blackbirds showed up (like the bird above), Wednesday you gave me bluebirds around my beehives--all so wonderful.  And today, you give us back the cold.  Even the red-winged blackbirds seemed to be singing, "I came back for this?!?"

I was out today with my buddy who runs Avian Images and after the warm temperatures of earlier this week, we were hoping for a warm day at Wood Lake Nature Center.  We didn't get it. But it was still nice to see red-winged blackbirds here, a sure sign of spring--much better than the confusing robins that we see all winter.