Non Birding Bill News

For readers in the Twin Cities who are fans of Non Birding Bill, he has a show opening this weekend at the Bryant Lake Bowl with Theatre Arlo: MacBeth: The Video Game Remix.  Watch how many ways MacBeth gets killed and has to regenerate!

And see Lady MacBeth as an elf!  That's our friend Dawn. You may recognize her from commercials like this one for Mall of America or this one where she's serving eggs.  And while I was searching for Dawn's stuff on YouTube, I discovered a Mystery Science Theater 3000 parody that NBB made for CONvergence last year is there.  Mom, you'll want to watch this:


Many of the actors in that movie are in MacBeth so if this tickled your fancy, you'll love the Video Game Remix.  Oh, and also for my mom, here's a podcast with NBB and some of the cast talking about the show.