Red-tailed Hawk Live Cam

There's a very cool red-tailed hawk live cam at the Franklin Institute (as in Ben Franklin) in Philadelphia.  Kind of a fun change of pace from the owl owl cams and falcon cams.

Also, here's an interesting news story about bald eagles taking heron chicks from a rookery in western Washington state.  The article brings up an interesting conflict: those who love powerful eagles vs those who love elegant herons.  There are those who want to help the rookery and those who think that the eagles and herons need to work it out for themselves.

Heron chicks are certainly something bald eagles would eat and speaking as someone who has visited several rookeries--it's amazing that any heron chick ever survives a rookery.  Herons are not the most attentive parents.  For example, if a blue jay chick, great horned owl chick or crow chick falls out of the nest and begs, the parents will make a reasonable effort to continue to attend to the chick and feed it.  Herons?  If the chick falls out of the nest, it's toast.  It will not be fed and it will either starve or be preyed upon by any enterprising predator.

It will be interesting to see if this rookery ultimately fails, the herons start a new one elsewhere or if the eagles will find more tasty prey.