Who Knew? Barbie Is A Birder!

Mattel takes a stand to promote kids in the outdoors by coming up with Bird Watching Barbie! Now I won't be the only girl in the woods with lipstick and mascara.  Although, Barbie, babe, you might want to consider trading in your fold up chair for a set of binoculars.  You know, girl, you're popular enough, I bet any number of optics companies would love to sponsor you.  I think Swarovski is a natural fit--you could have crystal bins!

Can I say how much I love that Mattel went the extra distance to prove she's a birder by giving her a vest?  Granted, it's stylish and pink and helps accentuate her ample figure (wow, imagine her with a binocular harness) but I am so grateful they left off the Tilly Hat (no one looks good in those--no one).

I wonder how long Barbie's Life List is?  And does she prefer Peterson to Sibley? Or is she a Kaufman girl?