A Little Lang Elliot Cleanser

Okay, the news in the gulf is really bumming me out.  And I can't have a Friday be all about a bummer blog post.  So, the most awesome Lang Elliot has provided a cleanser.  Chances are that if you have listened to a bird call CD or program, you have heard Lang's work--he is considered by some the grand pooba of bird song recordings. He's started a blog with some of his friends called The Music of Nature that is "dedicated to promoting the understanding and appreciation of nature, with an emphasis on nature that is near at hand."

Basically, they are out, making awesome videos of birds (and crickets and frogs) and sharing them.  It's very cool and looking at it, it's what I'd like to do with this blog but man oh man, their recording equipment is off the hook.  I may give up blogging and just watch this blog.

Anyway, it's a nice cleanser from the gulf spill and a great way to take a break from work and enjoys some short videos of nature.  Here's a sample: