Coming Workshops

This Sunday, I’ll appear in a National Park Ranger capacity at Freedom Park in Prescott, WI.  This will be a slide show of birds along the upper Mississippi Flyway like the above hooded merganser and along the park’s borders, the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area.  I’ll share photos I’ve taken of some of these great birds, tell some stories about finding them and give tips on the best places to visit.  Freedom Park has a fantastic view of the river and it’s great for waterfowl and eagle watching–I’ve even watched coyotes hunting along the banks.  This is a fun place to spend an early spring afternoon (and don’t forget to allow time for some of the tasty restaurants in downtown Prescott).

I also got booked last minute for the Hawk Migration Association of North America Conference in Duluth, MN on April 16.  It will be a digiscoping workshop (using a point and shoot digital camera or digital slr camera with your spotting scope to take photos.  I think afterwards we can walk to one of the nearby peregrine falcon nest boxes and practice taking photos.

For anyone attending either workshop--feel free to bring your digiscoping equipment, especially if you have trouble getting photos with your set up.  If you are not sure if you can digiscope and you only have the camera or only have the scope, bring them along and we can discuss options for you.