Wildflowers To Pass The Time

This spring has been spectacular for wildflowers and the woods around the beehives are covered in them.  We've planted some natives and a two years ago, I bought some clearance large-flowered trillium to add in.  I was inspired to encourage more near Mr. Neil's house because you can find a few small patches of trillium (both nodding and large-flowered) in the surrounding woods and about ten miles away is a HUGE hill that is covered with them in the spring--I've never seen such a large patch in my life.  The person who owns the land also has a maple syrup farm so I think that patch is quite safe from development.  I was sad last summer that not one of the four clearance trillium I planted grew but yesterday I a nice surprise:

I found one shyly unfolding!  A second grew nearby--some of my trillium took after all! Now, I hope that they spread, it's a pretty cool and ingenious process (for a plant).

After the trillium matures they get this spongey bit called an elaiosome that holds the seeds.  The ants take it back to their nest and eat it, and the seeds are left and germinate.  So, if you see a large cluster of trilliums, you know there's a few ant nests there too.

Trillium aren't the only excitement for me in the woods--the Dutchmen's breeches are all over the place--I've never seen so many.  Gotta love a plant that looks like there are a bunch of tiny pantaloons hanging off the stem.