15 Bird Species At Serious Risk Due To Gulf Spill

Cornell Lab of Ornithology has an AWESOME online resource of North American Bird information called Birds of North America Online.  Originally, this was a series of booklets written by the top experts in the field on a particular bird species.  You could purchase individual species booklets or the whole shebang for $1500. In the last few years, Cornell has put all of that info online and it's updated regularly.  To view it, you simply need a subscription ($42 per year or $5 per month for the entire set).  It's a valuable resource and perfect for anyone wanting the latest and most in depth info on a specific bird.

Today, Cornell announced that would open up profiles 15 bird species threatened by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  The open-access accounts are for the 10 species featured in the eBird Gulf Coast Oil Spill Tracker and five additional species:

Cornell said in a statement, "Our intent is to help anyone who’s looking for information about birds in harm’s way; who needs specific answers to questions about life history, population or conservation status, migration schedules, feeding or nesting behavior, etc.; and people who need a quick, comprehensive introduction to the scientific literature about a species."

A valuable and accurate resource indeed for researchers or the news media who might need some background info on some of the oiled birds being found. Even if you are not on the Gulf Coast, take a moment and glance through some of the species profiles.  The information compiled is amazing.