Gulf Spill Gets Even More Messy

I received a press release late last night from the American Birding Association that read: "This is very short notice, but we wanted to make you aware that at 10pm ET, tonight on CNN 360°, ABA Gulf Coast Conservation Coordinator, Drew Wheelan, will be interviewed by Anderson Cooper.  Drew will be discussing the International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) pullout from Louisiana and the Least Tern colony that was run over by oil response workers.

More information about these events can be found on our website at"

Which I read as saying that the IBRRC was pulling out and put it out on Twitter.  IBRRC is NOT leaving the Gulf Spill, they moved their capture teams from Louisiana to other states which is good news.

The ABA has been doing some fine reporting on the spill and yesterday posted disturbing evidence that oil response workers are driving over nesting colonies of least terns that nest on the ground.  What a mess!  In an effort to help, oil response crews are harming more wildlife.  What else are they running over besides the least tern nests--many bird species nest on beaches like the threatened snowy plover.  What other wildlife is being affected by the response teams trying to help?  What about sea turtles?

This is a sign that a central organization needs to head up and coordinate efforts to contain the spill and help wildlife.  What can't someone be posted at these colonies to help guide the traffic going back and forth?  I'm sure any number of birders would be willing to sign up for the duty (even volunteer).  Perhaps some of the unemployed fishing boat crews could be paid to do this?