Nerds & Play on Birds

Ha! That kind of rhymes.  Non Birding Bill just reminded me to put a note in the blog that there are some fun events this weekend. 1.  Is a thing called Nerd Party which is going on all weekend.  On Saturday at 6:30pm, they are having a nerd costume contest and I get to be one of the judges (I know, weird right?).  One of the other judges is Tron Guy who will be coming in full Tron. This sounds like it promises to be full of the wacky and would make for an interesting Saturday night.  It's in my neck of the woods which lends itself for some fun nerd antics followed by a walk to any number of fun bars and restaurants.  Wonder if I can talk NBB into moto-i afterwards?

This combined with recording a podcast for Geek A Week today seriously has me rethinking my tagline on the blog.

2.  The other thing that is going on is a final performance of Play on Birds at the Bryant Lake Bowl (you can eat and drink during the show and bowl after wards).  A show that NBB and I created and perform that pokes fun at birds, bird watchers and bird feeding.  There's something in there for everyone from the hardcore (what birders think they look like) to the non birder (the brown bird sketch always kills).  10% of the profits will go to the work that the International Bird Research and Rescue Center is doing with oiled birds on the Gulf Coast.