Random Western Meadowlark & A Little W00ting!

Just a random western meadowlark because I have a ton of photos of this colorful bird and nice cleanser from some of the BP news.

Non Birding Bill and I are off to rehearsal this morning for Play on Birds--come join us on one of these two Sunday performances for great laughs and a great cause!  We will rehearse hard today...and hopefully not kill each other (as we have no director to act as intermediary) and if we survive today we are looking forward to tonight's Nerdy Event of the Season aka W00tstock--I think going to the Guthrie Theatre tonight will be like going to Cheers--everyone there is going to know everyone's name.  So many friends have tickets to this gathering of great musicians and nerdy writers and one cool ass Mythbuster.  Hans, one of my helpers at the hive asked when the show was close to selling out, "I wonder who is going to buy the last ticket?"

A week later I received an email from bird banding buddy Minnesota Bird Nerd, "Ha! Guess who bought the very last ticket to W00tstock today?  Me!"

Looking forward to seeing friends and nerding out.