Want A Free Swarovski Shirt?

Right now on Facebook Swarovski Optik is having a "like giveaway." The fans that refer the most Friends in a week to "LIKE" the Swarovski page and submit a comment could win a Swarovski Crystal Binocular figurine.  I don't want to win the contest, but I would love it if people said they were referred by Sharon Stiteler or Birdchick because Swarovski has been such a HUGE supporter of my blog and I'd love to get a good showing. I just want to return the love that Swarovski has given me. All new fans that are referred will get a Swarovski Optik T-Shirt. The new Fan must hit "LIKE" on the Swarovksi page and submit a comment stating who referred them and their shirt size. Ex: "John Smith and I Like Swarovski Optik and want an XXL Shirt and Birdchick referred me!"

And why would you want to like Swarovski Optik?  Number 1 they have AWESOME product.  When I used to work for Eagle Optics and people would ask what the best pair of binoculars were, my first answer was, "If I was a woman of unlimited means, it's the ELs."  All the digiscoping and bird photos and most of the video is courtesy of my Swarovski Digiscoping set up.

Number two--they give back a lot to wildlife in a big and global way.  A great example is the Sociable Lapwing in Kaszakhstan.  Swarovski Optik is the Species Champion for this bird through BirdLife International. Basically, they give money so BirdLife can set up crews in Kazakhstan to work with locals to keep breeding habitat safe.  It's local people working with local people to build strong relationships and helps prevent a bird from going extinct.

Again, Swarovski has been a huge supporter of this website--from offering contests and making it possible for me to attend several bird festivals and well, all the digiscoping that goes on here.  I want them to know they are loved, so please fan them and remember, if you refer me, you get a t-shirt.