Wanna Help Finance Alex & Me Movie?

I got the following request in my inbox: We are reaching out to you for your help on our special project.  It is our great pleasure to announce the launch of our brand new website aimed at including you and your fellow bloggers in the making of a real Hollywood motion picture!

Earthrise Pictures and FaR Out Productions have acquired the theatrical rights to Dr. Irene Pepperberg’s book “Alex & Me.” This New York Times best-seller is the heartwarming true story of the incredible bond between two special creatures--woman and bird--who over the course of 30 years opened an unprecedented window into the hidden world of avian intelligence.

In order to maintain a day-to-day commitment, we need the loving support and generosity from bird lovers everywhere. Writing a screenplay takes a tremendous amount of time and research to craft a story that is both accurate and entertaining.

Every donation made on the website will help us expand our lab space, offer video blogs & fun interactive games, and post updates with the latest news from Hollywood. It’s all through PayPal so the contribution is safe and secure.

Also, for a minimum donation of at least $20, the contributor will have their name in the credits of the film and full access to everything inside the Movie Lab.

This is a rare opportunity for the birding community.  Alex and Irene’s story is one of a kind, and we owe it to them for all their hard work and amazing accomplishments.  This is indeed a story for the big screen.