Digiscoping Duel Photo Album #birding

I took almost 2000 photos on the day that Clay and I did the Digiscoping Duel.  I had a bunch of photos of waxwings  and other birds that showed up after the duel was over but wasn't sure what to do with the others.  I posted a photo album on Facebook and it occurs to me that not everyone is on Facebook (cough, cough, my mother) and so I put up a Flickr album of all the "good" photos (not all 2000) if you're interested in seeing more.  I like it because it shows that if you have good digiscoping equipment and use it often, you can get several good shots a day--even some bad ones, but at least identifiable ones. We do have more Digiscoping Duels planned.  We're trying to figure out dates and new challenges.  Clay and I will both be at Rio Grande Valley Bird Fest in November (anyone else going to be there?) but we'd like to do another before then.  If you have suggestions of digiscoping challenges or a suggestion for doing it someplace other than Twitter, let me know.  We'll see what we can do.