Interesting Trend In Birding Blogs

There's an interesting trend going on in the bird blogging world--bird bloggers are banding together to form multi author blogs. Recently, the guys over at 10,000 Birds announced their new "Beat Writers." Besides the usual updates from Corey, Mike and Charlie you get other great writers like Patrick from Hawk Owl's Nest, Nate from Drinking Bird and Julie Zickefoose.  Some of my favorite bird bloggers all coming together to what already is a great site.  I like how it's becoming a news oriented site. Mike, Corey and Charlie have been kind enough to include me in the list and starting Wednesday, I'll have a post there every other week.

There was also the recent announcement of BirdingBlogs which is billing itself as "the birding bloggers in one site."  The site's founder writes:

"I noticed it was hard to get a lot readers to my own blog unless I posted something every day. Also it would be difficult to provide top notch content every time one writes. The day simply has not enough hours for all I wanted to do.  I looked at the amazing numbers of unique visitors ranging to several thousands per day on sites such as 10000birds and grrlscientist. It was clear that post frequency and good content together was the key to more visitors."

Some of the bloggers this site will use to increase traffic include Kenn Kaufman, Jeff Gordon and Dale Forbes.

The American Birding Association also has also launched a multi author blog as well--different birders from around the organization sharing their passion for birds.  I'll also post here too along with several other members like Nate from Drinking bird and Laura Kammermeier.

I'm excited about the changes the organization is making, curious about the new leadership with Jeff Gordon and hopeful that the organization can turn itself around and one day be a loud voice for birding and birds they way Ducks Unlimited is for hunting and conservation.

With so many birding blogs bringing together so many voices at the same time, this appears to be a big trend.  I'm interested see where all this multi-author blogging goes. I like that we are developing Salon or DailyCos type of birding sites.


There's also another multi author bird blog that I just learned about called North American Birding.  This site boasts:

"You’ll find a hugely talented – and growing – group of contributing bloggers, from seasoned experts to young beginners. Scientists and photographers, professional guides and graduate students. Oh, and a professional writer or two. Our goal is to assemble voices and opinions as diverse as the birds themselves."

I'm excited to see Chris West as part of their roster--he's an awesome up and coming birder!