Buy A Duck Stamp Now! It's a great gift

Hey Minnesota--this story from Outdoor News is troubling: "Hunters this year bought fewer state duck stamps than they ever have before.

As of earlier this week, the DNR had sold just more than 87,700 stamps. While the goose season still is open, it's unlikely hunters will buy enough stamps to match the previous low sales point - 89,228 in 1988."

Birders, bird lovers, bird enthusiasts, nature lovers, fishermen, beekeepers, tree huggers, botany lovers, shroomers, nerds, geeks, countrymen...we MUST not let that happen this year, this can't be the lowest year for the Minnesota Duck Stamp.  The Duck Stamp is not just for hunters and if fewer hunters buy it and no one else picks up the slack, the stamp will be done away with and all of us who enjoy walking in natural areas will lose out--especially all the critters who use them.

Why is the Duck Stamp so cool?

The Minnesota State Duck Stamp is similar to the Federal Duck Stamp.  Birders and others who care about wildlife and wetlands can help protect habitat by purchasing Minnesota waterfowl stamps. Improved waterfowl habitat naturally benefits cranes, bitterns, warblers, and other species too--think of all the animals and plants that are found where ducks are found.  The Minnesota DNR says that state duck stamp dollars (about $750,000 annually) pays for about 17% of the waterfowl habitat work done by the DNR.  The money goes to things like water-control structures and eliminating rough fish, as well as waterfowl research, including aerial waterfowl surveys (you know, those things I do up in the plane in the fall).

So, if you have to do any gift giving this year and don't know what to get someone, consider a Minnesota Duck Stamp or a Federal Duck Stamp.  They're perfect for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.  You're not only giving the stamp, but you're also giving a gift of conservation.