RiffTrax Takes On Prairie Chickens

RiffTrax (some of the dudes who were part of Mystery Science Theater 3000) have added their special brand of humor to an Attwater's Prairie Chicken short.  I must admit that I bristled a bit when I saw this.  I mean, it's one thing for them to make fun of shorts that warned of the dangers of using gasoline for dry cleaning, but my beloved prairie chickens? I took Bill Corbett to task for this and then he looked at me and said, "Booming?  Really?  Do they have to call what they do booming?"

Non Birding Bill then said, "You don't understand, she has like been to festivals about these birds.  She gets up before dawn and then sits in a cold box in the middle of some abandon prairie in freezing weather to watch them."

I got the feeling that Corbett was siding with NBB.

Here's one of my lesser prairie chicken videos, are these birds really that funny and worthy of riffing?


And my favorite video of prairie chickens...the prairie chicken cock block:


Okay, RiffTrax, you may win this round.