Geek A Week, CNN & Honey For Auction @ThinkGeek

There are times, like when I'm sitting in Mr. Neil's sauna trying to thaw out a frozen bucket of honey from our hives on a Friday afternoon, I think, "My life is different from other people's lives and such weird things come out of this."

One of them is the whole Geek A Week trading card. If you spoke to me when I was 12 or even 21 about what I thought I might accomplish, being a trading card in a deck that includes Weird Al Yankovic, Wil Wheaton and peeps from Mystery Science Theater 3000 was certainly not one of them, it's just been one of those nice surprises that life throws your way.

Len Peralta, the artist behind the project has had some great momentum build up on it in the last week--it's even on CNN today: the cards are going to be on sale through ThinkGeek (my one stop shop for gifts for Non Birding Bill for birthdays and holidays).

What's really cool is that Len, ThinkGeek and some of us who are cards have teamed up for a fundraiser. Many of us donated items to be auctioned by ThinkGeek for the charities, EFF and Child's Play (I really like this one, they give kids in hospitals games to play). Neil and I donated some comb honey that both of us autographed and Adam Savage donated some autographed pieces from the Mythbusters set. You can see the full list here.

So, bid on some items or buy a set of cards. Please buy the set, I love the idea of supporting a great artist like Len and he has lots of kids to feed. You can even hire him to draw you your own personal monster!