Valentine's Inspiration 5

Brace yourself, this one is a little...on the kinky side. I'm not sure how much inspiration one should take from the video of the courtship of a species of bird called a tragopan a small horned pheasant native to Asia.  I've never seen one of these in my travels but now I kind of want to.  Those with small children may want to avert their eyes of this video of a Temminck's tragopan:


Some people like to look at a guy and see an appendage instantly increase in size and change color...but not everyone.  Careful of using this tactic, make sure your partner would be on board (perhaps establish a safe word beforehand)...and this is perhaps isn't the best tactic for a first date, as evidenced in this video of a Temminck's tragopan.  The link to that video shoes up close and personal the increasing appendage of the tragopan but about 40 seconds into it, you see the female's reaction.  Use this move with caution.