Birdchick Podcast #12: Jeff Gordon & Bustard Job

It's time for the Birdchick Podcast and we have a special guest in this week's podcast: Jeff Gordon the president of the American Birding Association.  Find out of Jeff why you should join the American Birding Association and what the plans are for this organization's future.  Remember, if 10 people join the ABA as a result of this podcast, Non Birding Bill will get his own membership.  Email me your confirmation email sharon at birdchick dot com Also, at the end, Non Birding Bill and I discuss an exciting bird job opportunity with houbara bustards.

Other things mentioned in the podcast include Birders' Exchange and Canopy Tower (the happiest birding place on Earth). Oh and here is a video to Alvaro Jaramillo--Jeff mentioned him in the podcast:


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