Uptown Great Horneds Still Around

The Crossley Birds and Beers was a blast. He was a fun interview and a blast after his talk--I think we closed the bar. If you would like to find out if Richard Crossley is coming to your town, check his site.

The great horneds near my home continue to incubate. It had been awhile since I took my scope and camera to the owls so I took them out yesterday. Even for a week day, several people passed beneath.  The keep an eye on the passers by but otherwise stay still.

Once again, the male was right over the main walkway. In this photo he's looking down  on a dad and his toddler son who had no idea they were walking right under a very large owl. This also leads me to wonder yet again--how many owls do I walk past on a regular basis.  I'm willing to bet that the number is very high.