Birdchick Podcast #19

Hey!  It's Non Birding Bill's zombie video.  Warning: there are zombies, some parts may make the queasy unhappy: [youtube][/youtube]

Petrels migrating long distance...leads to the question: if a radio tagged bird flies over your state and no one sees it but he telemetry says that it was there...does it count?

Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Big Day for Conservation!

Michigan wildlife rehabbers may not be able to treat injured non native/invasive/habitat destroying mute swans.

Charlie Moores is now at Birding Blogs!

Looking for fun birding times?  Check out the Acadia Birding Festival!  You'll get all the Pete Dunne and Kevin Karlson you can handle.  I haven't been to Maine since 2006, but here are some past blog entries.

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