Birdchick Podcast #21: Red-shouldered Hawks Running Amok

This will be the final podcast for this week, we're opening a show, The HMS Pacific Princess Boat at the Bryant Lake Bowl on Thursday and I have a feeling that any podcasting we would do after the performance would be torture to listen to. So, here's what we covered in this podcast:


Red-shouldered hawks that attack people during nesting here and here.  What can you do?  I'm not sure, this tends to be an aggressive species.  Do you duck and cover or do you "remove the hawk?"

Ruby-throated hummingbirds are on the move, how close are they to you?

Are more ring-billed gulls hanging out at Wrigley Field than spectators?

Highlights of the 2011 Great Backyard Bird Count.


B is for Buisness, Blogs and Birds (not 100% this isn't spam).


The Detroit Lakes Festival of Birds--Drew Wheelan is the Keynote!

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