Birdchick Podcast #22 Osprey, Young Birder of the Year, Lake Superior Boat Cap'n

News 1960s Lake Superior boat (and birding) captain has crazy migration stories (must read story).

It's the American Birding Association Young Birder of the Year, Rachel Butek.

Mallard hen lays her eggs outside of a Chik-Fil-A.  Crazy duck or insanely clever camo? In other waterfowl nesting news, a deer protects a female Canada goose incubating eggs in a, I seriously did not make that up.

Franklin Institute Red-tailed Hawk nest (if you get tired of the Decorah Eagle Nest all 3 of those chicks hatched)

American Bird Conservancy commercial on wind farms using a video of a griffon vulture from Crete.

United States college student Edwin Rist charged for stealing rare bird skins from a museum and selling them for fly fishing lures.

Bald eagle tried to fly off with a toy poodle.  (If your pet is under 10 pounds, understand that it has a very important place on the food chain and if you don't want your pet to fill that place, take responsibility and watch it when it's outside).  An eagle getting a small dog or cat is rare, coyotes are a far bigger danger.

I got shade-grown coffee from a Roller Girl (Joan of Dark) in Indiana who runs Strange Brew.


David Sibley talks about the use of digital audio devices in the field.

White wagtail spotted in Michigan, this is a rare bird, an ABA Code 3 rarity!


Horicon Marsh Bird Festival in Wisconsin--I'm going, are you?