Birdchick Podcast #28 Ivory-bill BS, New Swaro Bins & other bird stuff

Non Birding Bill seems to think this is our best podcast ever...I'm not so sure.  Either way, here are the links to the stories we talked about: Birding News:

There's a guy on the listervs who either goes by Michael Collins or Fish Crow who uses super blurry images or images to say he's seen an ivory-billed woodpecker. He's found a way to get media attention (most likely because birders are ignoring him).

The New York Times is having a Bird Week!

The movie Pelican Blood debuts on DVD this, March 2011.

New Swarovski Companion Binoculars--Eagle Optics has the 8x30s under a thousand and the 10x30s right at.

Falconry program ousted at JFK airport in favor of guns.


Birding Blogs:

The American Birding Association would like to know what articles you'd like to read about--please tell them!

Titmouse trying to steal a woman's hair for nesting material.