Birdchick Podcast #39

Crazy rare birds showing up and making news:  a Cassin's sparrow is in Ohio and a willow ptarmigan is outside a nuclear power plant in Ontario. Lead poisoning is still killing reintroduced California Condors in the Grand Canyon.

This Friday is the first day to buy the new Duck Stamp for the year.  Purchasing stamps doesn't mean that you support hunting.  It means you are giving money and over 98% of the money from the stamp purchase goes to habitat acquisition for National Wildlife Refuges and they essentially get you access to any NWR without paying a fee.  It's not just ducks who benefit from this, several species of birds, plants and mammals benefit from this.  Just because hunters are forced to purchase one doesn't mean birders are making a good statement by not purchasing one.

It's a Dalek Squirrel Feeder.  Why can't we have one these in North America???

Some pelicans cleaned up from last year's BP Oil Spill are breeding this year.

eBird has updated their list entry system.  Are you submitting your bird observations to eBird?