Birdchick Podcast #44

Did you guess the movie that we referenced in the podcast?  If you did, we're gonna send you something special! Fabulous article about a study conducted on pigeons and their use of a "flap run" rather than flying.  This energy saving practice could be the key to the evolution of flight.

Tourist injured in PNG.

Careful with your camera when you travel! Macaque steals camera and takes an epic self portrait.

Most terrifying nature camera ever?

The inaccurate article I referenced.

Here's Pigeon Disturbs Cat Nap.  It's a video making the rounds on the Internet and it actually shows a ringed turtledove singing to a cat that is trying to take a nap.  If you ask me, the dove is looking for a little lovin'.   Don't worry, the cat doesn't kill the dove.