Birdchick Podcast #49 Parrots Naming Babies & Bird Colors

David Sibley shares some ideas for dealing with birds flying into your windows over at Birdwatching Magazine.  I particularly like the idea of using monofilament fishing line on the outside of the windows. Study concludes that green-rumped parrotlets name their chicks (insert dramatic chipmunk).

Remember those wildfires in Arizona?  Early estimates indicate that 80% of nesting sites for hummingbirds were lost and important fueling areas for migrating hummers is gone and KAYTEE is putting together emergency kits for hummingbirds!

Whooping cranes with satellite transmitters show that the birds are stopping in dangerous oil lands areas.

Interesting development and information regarding the sustainability of a sandhill crane hunt in Kentucky over at Vicki Henderson's blog.

Bird coloration guide?  Would you purchase a guide to bird color descriptions to help you describe and id birds?

What Non Birding Bill made me for breakfast.