Birdchick Podcast #62 Migration News, Bird Art & Bird Sunbathing

The "Happy Feet" penguin that swam up onto the New Zealand shore starving, underwent some wildlife rehab and was released with a satellite transmitter has disappeared. Go check out the Sunbathing Birds gallery at Bird Watching Magazine--the titmouse looks disturbing!

In really nice news, fewer migrating birds were trapped in the 911 Tribute of Lights.  Unlike last year when at least 10,000 migrating birds became trapped in the lights.

Wind tunnels reveals how birds stay hydrated during migration.  I'm so relieved I don't have to migrate.

Several common loons breeding in the Upper Midwest are sporting satellite transmitters in order for researchers to study the migration through the Great Lakes toward their southern winter homes. By using satellite tracking devices implanted in the loons from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Michigan Upper Peninsula, USGS scientists expect to learn information about avian botulism essential for managers to develop loon conservation strategies.

I had a guest post over on the Skepchick blog--I'm so honored!