Birdchick Podcast #66: Godwits, Bald Baby Penguin & Winter Finch Forecast

It's the special news report everyone is waiting for--The Winter Finch Forecast!  Will you see finches this winter? Operation Migration has a web cam that live streams flight training for young whooping cranes.  Check it out (in daylight hours).

NPR wants to tell us about a bird we've never heard of...though many birders have--the bar-tailed godwit.  It's a good story about migration and be sure to check out the matching cartoon.

3 words: Bald Baby Penguin.  Below is the before and after:

Screen shot 2011-09-25 at 7.58.13 PM
Screen shot 2011-09-25 at 7.58.13 PM

Full story here.

Want to run away from life this winter?  Check out this opportunity! For more bird jobs, go here.

JAMAICAN FIELD ASSISTANTS (6) Not looking forward to cold weather, 6 hours of light, and watching the bird feeder? We have the answer. Be a field assistant on research studying American Redstarts in Jamaica. Project begins approximately January 10th and continues until mid-April (~1-2 positions) to mid-May (~4-5 positions). Assistants can expect long hours in the field, six days per week, walking in mangrove forests inhabited by crocodiles and maneuvering through dense second growth scrub. Being flexible with working conditions, schedule, and living situation is absolutely key to success at this position. Competitive applicants will be very self-motivated, have the ability to re-sight and follow small (6g) color-banded birds, and extract songbirds quickly and safely from mist nets. Experience collecting foraging behavioral data on small songbirds and banding and bleeding experience are all preferred, but not required. This is an all-expenses paid volunteer position (i.e. no salary, but travel to and from Jamaica as well as home-cooked Jamaican food and comfortable sea-side lodging are provided). Send an email with the subject “Jamaican Field Assistant”, a cover letter, CV, and contact info for 3 references to NATHAN COOPER (EM: nathanwands AT