Birdchick Podcast #74: Bird Grammar, Duck Stamp Winner

Texas couple ignore warnings to evacuate their home during wildfires and feed hundreds of hummingbirds. Birding the Net, the Audubon-sponsored campaign that has thousands of people scouring the Internet for birds, is benefitting from the largesse of more than 100 websites — including AOL, Slate, and Discovery Channel — that have donated a combined $700,000 in prime ad space for the imaginative and engaging project.

500 birds died at West Virgina wind farm.  Jim McCormac says they were mostly blackpoll warblers.

Fascinating story from Audubon about a wood thrush banded in Nicaragua that was found dead in Pennsylvania.

There's a new book coming Pale Male and the Infertile Girl...

Do birds have grammatical structure?

Oh, Pine Tree Farms, what were you thinking when coming up with product names? Nutsie? Log Jammers?  Oy.

Prizes to be given away in this podcast:

Backyard Birding

And the Hummer Swing.