Birdchick Podcast #75: Micro Brew Seed, Bird Researcher Convicted In Poisoning Cats

This is a real shame.  I had hoped that this story was false but it appears that Nico Dauphiné, former researcher at the Smithsonian National Zoo's Migratory Bird Center has been found guilty of misdemeanor attempted cruelty to animals for sprinkling poison atop cat food intended for feral cats living in Washington, D.C.  This does nothing to reach some sort of reasonable understanding with the misguided yet well intentioned cat lobbyists. Non native cats living in feral colonies is habitat destruction by humans.  Cats living in the environment are the same as birds hitting windows or someone bulldozing nesting and feeding habitat.

There's a reward for creating Bird Friendly Glass!

Paraglider ran into a griffon vulture (ignore how the "news" calls it an eagle, it totally is NOT).  Both survive!

Micro batch bird seed.  You can even create your own.  But the really interesting thing is that they are outing pesticide companies who carry seed for wild birds.

Dude creates a website to track road kill in California and Maine.  I so want to do this with my smart phone!  Here's a link to Wildlife Crossing.