Birdchick Podcast #77: Calling All Birders To Wikipedia...

Red Rock Audubon wants you to help remove mining claim pipes in Nevada--this really does help birds! 10000 Birds brings up the pipe dream of having a non hunting duck stamp.

Starbucks is discontinuing it's shade-grown coffee line.  If you don't have a place that sells shade-grown coffee near you, I like to order the Chestnut-sided Warbler blend from Birds and Beans.

The American Birding Association wants YOU to contribute to Wikipedia.

Laughing gull tries to steal food from a great egret.

I haven't read the story but the headline involves the words "hawk" and "escalator" and it can only be a Cooper's hawk.

Burly Bird is unleashing some cool new stickers.  Check them out and if you want know what to do.