Birdchick Podcast #82: Ravens & Larkwire Contest

Have you heard of Larkwire?  It's an interactive website that helps you learn bird songs via a game.  It beats the heck out of trying to memorize them.  You can check it out here and we have a contest going for Master Birder song pack.  And what we're going to do is have a bird call and you have to misidentify it: Click here to listen to the bird call you need to misidentify.

All the people to misidentify the bird between now and this Sunday at noon Central Time will be entered into a drawing for the code to win the Master Birder song pack!

The Raven publicist has been working over time this week:

Ravens vandalize cars parked in a commuter lot.

Ravens use gestures?

Wind farm project is scrapped thanks to preliminary surveys on nesting marbled murrelets.