Birdchick Podcast #83 Ostrich Penises & Rare Bird Alert Gone Awry

This week's news! Has 2011 been the year of the bird penis? I feel like it's been in the news a least with ducks.  This time, it's about how ostrich penises reveal that the evolution of a lymphatic erection mechanism likely occurred in the ancestor of all birds rather than within birds.

Have you heard of Birds Be Safe before? It's a collar for people who insist on letting their cats roam outdoors and is supposed to reduce the invasive species ability to kill native birds.  Does it actually work or is it just feline humiliation?

Remember the mystery hummingbird in Chicago? They tried to id it based on poop but that failed, but don't worry they have a feather!

An uber rare bird called a red-flanked was found...and then eaten by a shrike.