Birdchick Podcast #88: Whooping Cranes Grounded, Yellow Cardinals

The news EXPLODED this week! We talked about the minor birdmaggedon in the last podcast and how local police tried to put a ban on fireworks.  Turns out someone may have been trying to intentionally kill them.  Jerks.

Another whooping crane has been shot in Indiana.  It is as though the state government is working really hard to say that they don't want birders to ever visit. At all.

Speaking of whooping cranes, something fishy is up with Operation MigrationThey've been grounded for several days because a former pilot filed a complaint with the FAA. Is this a legit concern about birds or someone who has sour grapes with an organization he no longer works with?  It seems unlikely that the whooping cranes will complete their migration this year.

I mentioned this before but now it's getting some serious attention in the bird world.  US Fish and Wildlife is offering a "take permit" for eagles.

How do tiger sharks end up with songbirds in their stomachs? Because migrating birds get distracted by oil rig lights, fly around them, get exhausted and fall in the water.

Also, we started the podcast with different music.  How awesome are our friends?  They do things like translate the Flintstone's Theme into Yiddish and then sing it...and put it on YouTube: