Birdchick Giveaway: Sibley Shirt #birding

Once again I am trying to get things out of my apartment and office and I find myself with an excess of birding items.  So rather than a contest where someone answers the question but has no interest in the prize, the first person to email me with their snail mail (aka mailing address) gets the item!  (sharon at birdchick dot com) I get a lot of stuff and if I'm giving it away to the public, I find something I value in it but just doesn't suite me (or I already have it).  I get stuff because people either want me to mention it in the blog or review it for different publications.

Here's the item:

Liberty Graphics offers of a line t-shirts with art by David Sibley.  If you love those illustrations in his field guide, you will enjoy his shirts.  This is the Sibley's Favorite Birds shirt in a Anvil size medium, not a fitted t-shirt.  Yellow Haze is not my color and with my shape I only wear baby doll t-shirts or look like a sack of potatoes with legs (hint, hint Liberty Graphics, I'd buy your shirts if you made them in baby doll sizes).

Here's a close up of the bird species on the front of the shirt made with 110% water-based ink.

So, if you want it, email me (and be the first with you mailing address).