Digiscoping With An iPhone Tutorial

By popular request I created a video of how I take photos using my iPhone and my Swarovski spotting scope (I use the ATM 80mm with 2- - 60 zoom eyepiece)--also known as iPhonescoping. A couple of things to keep in mind: I'm currently hand holding the phone, there is no adapter for this yet like their are for digital cameras. Meopta is supposed to have their adapter out for iPhones soon but I haven't seen it yet (they told me they would send me one early this year).  But you can still get some pretty good photos hand holding your phone.  Video is going to be a little shaky but without an adapter to hold the camera still--what can you do.

Note that I'm using a Mophie Case with my phone which gives a little "eye relief" to it. FYI Mophie cases are AWESOME!  It's a heavy duty case that will charge your iPhone's battery.  It has tripled the life of my crappy iPhone 4s battery.  I'm a little bitter that I had to pay about $70 to correct an Apple issue, but I'm so happy to use my phone all day in the field that I've soon gotten over that expense.  I can actually use my phone all day long without plugging it in. This includes taking photos, texting, sending photos to Twitter, surfing the net, Words with Friends (Scramble with Friends), Fruit Ninja--the works!

Also, note in the above photo that I have the eye cup twisted out halfway.  I find this reduces the vignette (the black circle around your photos).  Also, it prevents you from scratching your scope's lens with your iPhone or case--which is a heartbreaking thing to have happen and one of the reasons I hover like crazy when someone puts their digital camera up to my lens without an adapter.  This also gives you a way to reduce some of the hand shake that comes with holding the iPhone rather than attaching it with an adapter.

Here's the video: