Birdchick Photo Contest

Hey Gang! I'm working on a book project and it needs some photos! Most of the book photos will be my own but if I need others, that has to come out of my own pocket. I don't have huge amounts of cash but I do have a $250 gift certificate from Eagle Optics. So here is what I propose:

Submit your photos via email to me. If I choose your to be in the book, you get a photo credit, a free copy of the book and your are entered into a drawing to win the $250 gift certificate. If this sounds reasonable to you, please send me photos!

So, what am I looking for? Birds from all over the world--really any species from penguins to hawks to backyard birds. Things I especially need: European species at feeding tables, nesting photos (any species, worldwide), but really any species of birds outdoors and not in zoos.  The book is a bird watching book and essentially and Everything You Need To Know About Birding (we're still arguing title). It comes out in 2013.

Photos must be sharp and in focus! I cannot stress the in focus part enough. Photos must be high resolution for print quality, at least 300 dpi or the largest photo size your camera will export.  Also, photos must be your own, meaning you have the right to send them to me.

Please email photos to sharon at birdchick dot com and please include your name, how you would like your photo credited and your mailing address.

Contest Deadline: April 2, 2012

Gift Certificate Winner will be announced April 3, 2013 and I will contact your via email and announce it here in the blog.

The important legal bits (please read):

By submitting an image to me via email, you agree to give me, Sharon Stiteler aka and Perseus Books the right to use that image in my book and anything related to the book. This may include, but is not limited to, reproduction on the World Wide Web, print in the book or magazine form, retransmission via email, and distribution via all electronic means related to the book including but not limited to eBook, audio book or app. You also agree that you have no implicit right to financial compensation from my use of the image. If you don't like this, please do not send me a photo.