I'm Not The Only One iPhonescoping!

My friend Tammy Holmer texted me a photo she took using her iPhone and her Swarovski spotting scope:

That's a pretty cool shot of an adult peregrine falcon, especially when first testing out the technique!  And since I know this question will inevitably come up in the comments, here's a basic tutorial on iphonescoping.  Tammy and I aren't the only ones.  A quick search of iphonescoping shows BogBumper giving it a go and Monterey Seabirding coming up with an interesting adaptor using a flex tripod.

I'll be in Nebraska this weekend for The Rivers and Wildlife Festival giving a Techno Birding program on Saturday.  I've done this program several times and every time I give it, the program is different because technology is constantly changing. I remember early on when I would give it, some would balk and say, "I don't want to take extra stuff in the field."

However, with the smartphones now, I take less in the field.  I'm now just going with my iPhone, binos and scope.  The phone as bird reference books, a speaker (if I choose to use bird calls for programs or personal use), a camera, maps and of course the ability to actually call someone should I need help.

I've been practicing with my iPhone and scope at bird feeders and I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get some fun shots in Nebraska this weekend and Tweet them or post them on Facebook.  Are you iPhonescoping?  If so, let me know who it's work for you.  You can link to shots in comments or tag me in links on Twitter (@Birdchick) or post them to my Facebook Page.