Birdchick Podcast: #105 Weird Juncoes, Vulture Cam & Oprah

On a quick non birding note, if you or someone you know is considering getting a kid a rabbit for Easter, please, don't.  They are a lot of work and are often surrendered to shelters.  Also, MSNBC noticed Disapproving Rabbits. There's a photo of an octopus eating a gull (Thayer's?).  The problem is that with one photo, some are calling fake.  However, there is a series of photos and for whatever reason the photog isn't sharing on the Internet.  But when you see the full series, it doesn't look fake. selected Julie Zickefoose's The Bluebird Effect as Oprah's Book of the Week.  Awesome! You can order it here.

There's a turkey vulture cam! OMG! It's new and vultures have been seen there grunting (a mating thing) but you may have to check back a few times as it gets going.

10000 Birds has an interesting bird.  Is it a junco? Is it a hybrid?  Who knows?