Birdchick Podcast #110: Swearing Parrots & Bird Harassment

  I have 2 Birds and Beers next week, one in Ohio at the Biggest Week in North American Birding and one in Point Pelee, Canada.

Feral parrots in Australia are swearing...and teaching it to wild birds.

These 2 stories seem like something we could reasonably fix and save millions of birds:

The Washington Office of the Bureau of Land Management is urging all states to use partnerships and available funds to discover, then cap, fill, or pull pipes that are used for mining claims or other activities to prevent birds from going inside to use them as roosting or nesting holes. The sides are so smooth the bird get stuck and die inside the pipes. Western bird clubs, can you unite to help cap these things?

TV towers kill millions of birds every years, the steady burning lights draw them in and they collide with the guy wires. If we change steady-burning lights on the 4,500 towers greater than 490 feet tall - about six percent of the total - could reduce mortality by about 45 percent and save 2.5 million birds.

2 pilots are on trial for harassing birds by flying to low. Their lawyer argues, "Can birds be harassed?"

Bird Man of Devon fills out with 21,600 Bird Ornaments.