Birdchick Podcast #114: Stowaway Birds & Illegally Raising Wild Baby Birds With Cats #birding

Bird stowaway on a plane goes all the way across the Pacific. Can't wait til US Fish and Wildlife and ABC's Cat's Indoors! Campaign sees this: woman raising baby robin with her cats...I suspect she's not a licensed wildlife rehabber. (This is a terrible idea, if this bird ever gets released, it will not associate cats as predators...not all cats are so relaxed with birds, this story will not end well).

Guy taking pictures of eagles manages to get all the numbers on an eagle band and id where the bird came from--cool follow up story.

As if bird names weren't confusing enough, birders and ornithologists like to argue about whether or not to capitalize bird names.

Oh and for those trying to follow Non Birding Bill's squirrel/bubonic plague was actually either a cat or a mouse that infected the man as he was trying to save a mouse from a stray cat...yeah, I know, it's weird.  Read the full story here.