Obsessed Podcast & River City Revue

I have a couple of events going on this week: One is the River City Revue, a trip on the Mississippi River via one of the Padleford Boats with a variety of presenters on science, nature and art.  I think some of my former park ranger buddies will be there too and the view on the river should be beautiful.  That will be this Wednesday at 7pm.

And we've talked about this on the Birdchick Podcast, but I'll also be a guest on the Obsessed Podcast with Joseph Scrimshaw...talking about how I don't consider myself obsessed with birds. The show will be recorded live at the Bryant Lake Bowl this Saturday.  If you can't make it, you can download it later, but if you can, the BLB is a great time--have a drink and great food and laugh.  I believe John Moe will also be a guest on this episode too.