Birdchick Podcast #122: Hurricane Birds, Owl vs Cat

Please don't read the comments under this photo cause it's just gonna make you angry. But here's an intriguing photo captured on a Minnesota trail cam that appears to have captured a barred owl going after a cat.  This is posted on Facebook, so you may have to be logged in to Facebook to see it. Sexy bird costumes.

Hmm. Birding Is Fun has generated a list of "Birding Power Couples." Why are we on it?

eBird's Brian Sullivan talks about what can happen when a hurricane like Sandy hits during mirgration. Here's a good article detailing what birds can and will do when a hurricane hits. And here's an interview with ABA president Jeff Gordon.

There's already a Facebook gallery of Sandy birds.

I'm on another podcast called Obsessed with Joseph Scrimshaw. If you like'll love this. Do not listen to on speakers at work.