The Autumn Office

Well, here we are with another report directly from the field as I do a blog post with nothing but my iPhone and my spotting scope.


Every autumn when I'm fortunate enough to have fieldwork, I can't believe how lucky I am to have this landscape as an office and that my duty is to do nothing but watch birds or for a specific type of bird. Wearing sensible convertible all weather clothing is far preferable to wearing tights and a skirt in a cube farm.


And even when autumn is supposedly Pastor Pete my surrounding office is the most gorgeous thing that I've ever had the privilege to work in. Admittedly, the bathroom situation is getting more dicey as every day farmers continue to mow down the fields of corn and soybeans that were my safe haven to a private bathroom. But you can't have everything.


Eagles are certainly out and about this morning here's one and again I got this photo with my iPhone and my spotting scope. It's not the best photo in the world, but keep in mind I was handholding my phone up to my scope and I wasn't using an adapter.


I love watching how bird coloration mingles with the autumn landscape.


Sparrow migration is still in full swing. And though they are nothing but brown birds, it's fun to look into group of brown and pick out one who is very different from the others. We seem to be having an influx of Harris's sparrows in the Twin Cities right now and how can you not love a sparrow with a beard?

Well back to counting birds. I tried to catch as many typos as I could that AutoCorrect thought I meant, but there may be more. I love that it thought "Harris's sparrow" was "harasses Spero."