Birdchick Podcast #128: ABA Nominations, Ravens Bathing/Playing, Birding

Hey! You have until December 31, 2012 to get your nominations in for the American Birding Association's annual awards: 1. ABA Roger Tory Peterson Award-Promoting the Cause of Birding

2. ABA Chandler Robbins Award-Contributions to Education/Conservation

3. ABA Claudia Wilds Award-Distinguished Service to ABA

4. ABA Robert Ridgway Award-Excellence in Publications in Field Ornithology

5. ABA Ludlow Griscom Award-Outstanding Contributions in Regional Ornithology

Get your nominations in now!

Nemesis Bird has a good article for people who may have gotten iPhones or iPads over the holidays and want to know what apps are useful.

This video claims to be ravens playing in snow...but it looks like bathing behavior to me (though weird that they are upside and rolling).

Really cool photo series of all sorts of animals but quite a few birds where you can really see how their camouflage works.

Some birders are dismayed at a habitat restoration project in CA.

Study that involves headphones on finches is a bit controversial for some.

This is noteworthy for the last paragraph.