Birds and Beers coming up! And Random Crow

Just an FYI for Twin Cities peeps, there's a Birds and Beers this week on Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 6pm – 9pm at the Lion’s Tap in Eden Prairie, MN. crazy blue sky

One of the things I love after a good snow is how crazy blue the sky can get in Minnesota.  This was the day after the snow dump, accented by one of the lovely crows that frequents our neighborhood. We live within five miles of the Minneapolis winter crow roost so quite a few pass over every morning and night.


This bird hunkered down for a little bit, dozing and periodically eating snow until a smaller flock of crows came by and it joined them. I wonder if the roost is so noisy that some crows just need a break for a nap during the day? Kind of like getting stuck at the party dorm in college.